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I can't find my lucky licky mickey mouse shirt it's a good job I've got a scan of it

The translation process is finally happening. I have a very skilled German translator flipping the script in to German and a very skilled Japanese translator slinking it around in to Japanese. The Japanese translator is also going to be narrating the film in Japanese, there are going to be subtitles in the English and German. I’ve given both translators free rein with the script! That means that they can alter it in anyway they see fit to make it read better/sound better… make more sense! in the different languages. I’m totally okay with inconsistencies in the different language versions of the script. Inconsistencies are, in fact, desirable! and are a strong part of the films unstable zero aesthetic.

Here's a magic whistle, two magic harmonicas, a magic travel card and an early version of the script, already translated in to German

The usage of Japanese and German is in homage to the RAMMELLZEE — an equation motif. The RAMMELLZEE would often release his music on obscure independent German and Japanese record labels.

Since starting this post there have been some freaky mutations on the script… Like for instance the possibility the German name for the film being:

Der Schoß der Mutter König Hirsch Götter (des Menschen im Mutterleib König Hirsch Götter)

loosely translated in to English — The womb of the mother deer king gods (of humans in the womb King Stag Gods)

Which I think has a certain beautiful poetry to it, despite it’s lengthy girth. Friday is now the day for recording the Japanese narration, so hopefully some new fancy freaky twists will occur in the nature of the film from that! Here’s to hoping, on the language of… broken!

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