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so vein

so this happened the other week

that meant 888 views !!— totally lemniscate ribbons

SO! Check out the box. Inside the box is a cardboard crocodile cast in cement and glitter. The physical form of the box has been destroyed. Bummer! The box now exists explicitly digitally in liquid crystal format. Lemniscate! Compression of the physical into a digital. Copy, paste, control delete.

The physical form of the box itself was also compressed in itself! Originally the box was a set of 12 paintings on wood. We cut slots in to the wood so the different boards could slide together and the paintings would support one another as standing sculptures. The sculptures were then displayed at the “Ethical Business Art For Good Talk — The Beautiful Plan” show at Goldsmiths University

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 Super special thanks to Anastasia Shin for these and the rest of the amazing photographs that she took of the box, your documentation is invaluable and never ending, forever be


So, since work on this project began, my colleagues family cat died and he never got the chance to mourn the past cats death. Here, on the left, is a diagram for an ethical play that he’s writing. On the right is a quick visual study into Nancy Cartwright’s evil Bart voice. I’m thinking of using Bart head motif’s for fruits and flowers, made of plasticine. Did you know Bart Simpson is only allowed 9 spikes on it’s head?

Anyway, so my colleague realises as soon as he finishes his latest essay that he was too busy writing to mourn the cat, and that the cat had crept in with duplicity. The next day he called me and told me everything in a hurry, we had to start making cardboard sculptures of cats and covering them in concrete. That’s great I said hey lets do it, let’s make girls and vampires too! I’ve got this Beautiful Plan coming up and we need more work in it. The cat statues and vampire girl sculptures, I said, would have to be Cat You’s, haunted concrete cardboard relics, spooky and fragile, gorgeous and flakey. On the left is the first/third sheet of Cat You plans, cardboard landscapes we could cover with concrete, decorate with moss and rocks and sticks off the ground. On the right is an exercise and a sad study into.

Covering cardboard in concrete works as well as you’d expect, or differently, it’s hard. Concrete is weird. When you look at it up close it’s as if you can make out a grid system within the liquid and it catches the light in peculiar twisted rainbow glints. It’s gray goo and it makes your hands go old quickly. Concrete is rendering. It’s weird rendered reality. Most of the sculptures were structurally unsound and collapsed quickly under the weight of the soggy, hardening gloop. This wasn’t a problem but it disguised itself as one for about 10 seconds. Then I remembered ancient Viking legends and myths where giants die or take naps, and became the mountain ranges and hills that mark our planet today. The cardboard creatures were doing this and enriching the world. Our Cat You sculptures were becoming Cat You landscapes. On the left is the second sheet of plans. We cut our cardboard into simple ontological shapes; triangles, squares. Then taped them together with gaffa. On the right is an exercise into my main thing. Be we Zee? Vanity + a Zero Aesthetic. Our Cat You sentinels will trap your soul in two.

Here’s the first/third sheet of plans, the diagram at the bottom on the left shows how a sculpture of a cat can fold out into a landscape once covered in layers of fully rendered concrete. I outline the similarities between cardboard shape cutouts and bitmap pixels, something I want to play with more and more. Cardboard can be used to act out glitches in reality now. Do I even want Pure Texism? I just want to be exec.

Finally, we’re left with my mans play plan again, and a study into PEZ dispensers, a place I want to have my head soon.

de dick



Displaying one whole collaborative sculpture, leaking DE STIJL

Last night saw an artist talk by

Vivienne Dick

you don’t have to try hard, everything already works

Also watch 5 minute long sci fi film STATEN ISLAND if you can find it, I couldn’t but it’s hot,

zero fancy visual effects, total raw reality, believable sci fi scenario, balloon ufo motif, plastic dinosaur alien motif

even ice lolly space food motif + more


Don’t forget come check the exhibition at APT lot’s of exciting work to be seen by lots of exciting artists

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