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lots of updates & new projects going wild is once again up & active

lots of new films to see here: new 5 track ep, WISHES audio-visual project w/martin blates

download the full album and receive the first chapter of a book that I’m writing based on WISHES tracklisting  + exclusive hi-quality album artwork! currently looking for venues to put on more animation workshops w/giulia loi collaborative audio-visual project w/infinite livez, we’re applying for residencies & entering submissions in to calls for art


earlier on tonight martin blates & i had a ronny remotes really ugly girlfriends track played on glorious mono listen to the trackhere


I’m currently looking for work teaching digital & traditional animation, go here for a copy of my CV


in contrast to nuclear boy

a pro nuke video from the 1990’s

via pinktentacle

busy weaks

I’ve been busty recording the soundtrack for WMKOG’s with multi-instrumentalist MARTIN BLATES & popstir GIGANROYALE

What I really need to do now is make some serious spreadsheets and timetables and gant charts in some super serious software shotgun

Evverry single time that I’ve sat down to get involved in it recently I’ve been distracted so this week is the week to finally nail the visual organisation side of the show, I hope you’re  as excited as me about that ! ! :)

Also in the following week, expect to seem some sneaky test shots of the movie in production.

Hey look at this energy saving poster re: the disasters in Japan



Also, cartoonbrew posted this super cute puplic service infomercial. minimal animation for a massive chain of disaster

Then, from pinktentacle again, this (click for more info)

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WOAH I gotta get out of here my bath is gonna overflow and kill somebody, stay tuned, I billed a man



click this link then hit play all for 10 seconds that will last for almost forever
click this link then hit play all for 10 seconds for almost forever

it’s growing every second spared

DARK OBJECT green light

Artistwtritersculptor Katrina Palmer gave a talk at Goldsmiths University last night

Thank you for Katrina for The Dark Object lots of people are very jelly

This is everything I’ve been doing, click it to see the truth

Visit the WOMB the all new group development blog for WMKOG

And it’s funny because, there was a green light shining over me in Deptford Town Hall as I slept last night

which is on all the time

everyone has green blood.



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