lots of updates & new projects going wild


http://www.screenkid.co.uk is once again up & active

lots of new films to see here: http://vimeo.com/texroyale


http://fatherknowsbeast.bandcamp.com new 5 track ep, WISHES audio-visual project w/martin blates

download the full album and receive the first chapter of a book that I’m writing based on WISHES tracklisting  + exclusive hi-quality album artwork!


http://explodemyowndog.wordpress.com/ currently looking for venues to put on more animation workshops w/giulia loi


http://humandible.wordpress.com/ collaborative audio-visual project w/infinite livez, we’re applying for residencies & entering submissions in to calls for art


earlier on tonight martin blates & i had a ronny remotes really ugly girlfriends track played on glorious mono listen to the trackhere


I’m currently looking for work teaching digital & traditional animation, go here for a copy of my CV


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