so vein

so this happened the other week

that meant 888 views !!— totally lemniscate ribbons

SO! Check out the box. Inside the box is a cardboard crocodile cast in cement and glitter. The physical form of the box has been destroyed. Bummer! The box now exists explicitly digitally in liquid crystal format. Lemniscate! Compression of the physical into a digital. Copy, paste, control delete.

The physical form of the box itself was also compressed in itself! Originally the box was a set of 12 paintings on wood. We cut slots in to the wood so the different boards could slide together and the paintings would support one another as standing sculptures. The sculptures were then displayed at the “Ethical Business Art For Good Talk — The Beautiful Plan” show at Goldsmiths University

Links: • photosposters & tshirts

 Super special thanks to Anastasia Shin for these and the rest of the amazing photographs that she took of the box, your documentation is invaluable and never ending, forever be

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