3d screengrab photoshop crasher

wombed 3dman 3d

king 3dof 3dGODS 3d

So the 3d features in photoshop are too hot to handle for my computank. they won’t work in sync with the slam with the slam animation ƒeatures, the whole thing just freezes up and gets really frigid. it’s like when you tell a girl you love her at the same time as giving her a juicy snog with your tongue on her teeth, just doesn’t work. seelook:

craaash click4big

so, I came up with a novel way to beat the system incapacity error. do each word for the title one at a time {{wombed} {man} {king} {of} {gods}} tweak them with Repoussé (IRL: a metalworking tech that involves hammering malleable metal to create ornamented designs in low relief (IPS: an image editing tool that lets you manipulate 2d shapes and text into twisted 3d wonders)) and screengrab as sweet forms emerge.

repussay click44big

killer. then all you have to do is delete the tough 3d shape you’ve made once you’ve sucked enough screengrabs out of it and drag all your grabs back into photoshop and render out a movie of them in a sequence that pleases you greatly. I’ve made a couple of versions of the proto—title sequence so far.

•one:  each word is playing in it’s own quicktime player box simultaneously on screen (the spectacle is then turned into a self contained movie by screengrabbing a load of frames and playing them back in sequence)

•two: each word does it’s thing one after the other in sequence like blam blam blam

•three: the third I think I will use in the final cut. all the screengrabs have been taken into photoshop, edited, layered over one another, and animated in sequence, glitching and writhing about together disorientated

I’m trying to figure out how to utilize these 3d fangs to make props and stages for the movie, so far the results are minimal and interesting, there is progress to be made.

proto—landscape 3d 0067

next post:

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•”otherness & exile” collaborative work exhibited at new gallery in peckham

•”crocodile crate” physical compression of an extant body of work


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