beautiful , tshirts darft (update 20.02.11)

so the Beautiful Plan happened 13 days ago now, the process was educational. I feel drained and accomplished, a hexagram diaphragm is making weird things happened.

Here are the original Beautiful Posters. Featuring ƒUN soldiers.

Did you know that I do merchandise now? more on this later, clothed ones. click below to bling $$$

Weren’t the original Beautiful Posters just gorgeous? They were made just for you. Here is Beautiful Poster 2.6

In the space of ten—and a half minutes the Beautiful Plan became a talk on Ethical Business art ƒor Goof

The talk went well and the footage is being processed.

Photos for you viewing pleasure in the next exciting post.

Videos soon on how we turned the floor into a wall, hot lava, catplicity, and of course;

the holographic principle

search terms: “mimic octopus” “sea anemone” “rahu”

7D computer graphics—wikid


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