Yes, you are listening to the answering machine of Mr. 43600,000 — URM! Well what I mean is that SHAPESHIFTSHADES, shh, is now visible! 4 o’clock it’s the deadline for the “FINAL_SUBMISSION_Unit_304_

Level_3 so I’ll be posting like mad, scanning and planning in to build up to then — 4 hours of MORE POWERS! Haha, earlier, in the studio, I found a wad of development drawings from over Summer in a crusty old folder! So to celebrate the unveiling of SHH I’m gonna stick ’em all up for you to look at with your eyes. Here’s one here, they’re all a bit weird, so prepare to stroke ya beard! Hahahaa… LINK!
What’s interesting about this particular drawing is the 2headed snake! This picture was drawn way before VICTOR was conceived but you might have noticed that VICTOR’s red spectrum and blue spectrum eyes are actually giant red and blue snakes gobbling up their own tails! 


At the time I was conceiving a huge cosmic 2headed snake that would bite it’s own necks, forming a giant space eye that could see straight through the whole universe! Giant see through snakes are every where bro, everywhere.

Anyways, get on over to SHH & check it all the hell out y’stinky dinky dinosaur!


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